June 6, 2023

9 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Likes Count

Getting a lot of likes on Instagram is like winning a huge, glittering prize. They tell you that your work is excellent and that others appreciate it. You’ll earn more reel comments and Instagram followers as your like count rises. If you get a large following, they are more likely to like your future posts, leading to a flood of likes on Instagram. The image of an egg is currently the most popular photo on Instagram. This, however, will not be discussed until later. In this post, we’ll take a close look at the many strategies you may use to boost your Instagram popularity. If the idea of an egg photo having more likes than your content on Instagram leaves you feeling confused, you may want to try using some of these strategies.

1. Incite Interest and Excitement

Until recently, American television star Kylie Jenner held the record for the most likes on a photo. What’s going on here, exactly? There was a first for everything: a picture of her daughter sucking her thumb. To be sure, her enormous popularity undoubtedly plays a significant role in boosting her Instagram likes to over 18.5 million. In case you don’t read as much celebrity news as I do, the whole pregnancy was hidden from the public eye. For months, the press had suspected that she was expecting, but she covered her pregnancy with loose clothing. Also, she never bothered to announce her pregnancy.

2. Make a Very Great Blog Entry

No one ever thought someone would be able to beat Kylie Jenner’s record of 18.5 million likes on Instagram. Thankfully, all it takes sometimes is a picture that totally defies expectations and clicks the switch. Indeed, I am referring to the egg-related post. On January 4, 2019, a post was made to a brand-new Instagram account, and by January 16, 2019, it had amassed more than 45.2 million likes. If one egg photo can catapult a fresh new account to fame, then there’s hope for everyone.

3. Spread the Good News

All right, let’s change gears to something a little less serious. All of the most popular updates all have one important element in common: they’re all good news! Whether it’s an engagement, a new romance, a pregnancy announcement, a wedding, a birthday, a family portrait taken around the holidays, a dramatic weight reduction, a professional achievement, a medical recovery, or anything else of significance, we all have those moments we want to remember forever. Generally speaking, you will receive more Instagram likes if you post a positive tale. Thus, if you want a lot of instagram likes automatically, brag about your accomplishments more. Instagram likes are nothing new for Selena Gomez. One of her most popular Instagrams? Similarly dressed Francia Rasia in the hospital were both her and Fran. To save the life of her close friend Gomez, Raisa gave a kidney. Gomez’s message of gratitude to Raisa has gathered more than 10.7 million likes on Instagram.

4. Display Some Imagination

One of Kendall Jenner’s Instagram photos from May 2015 became quite popular. It’s one of the most famous Instagram photographs, with over 3.6 million likes. Jenner was photographed while naked and resting on the floor. The way her hair is styled creates the appearance of a crown of floating hearts. She got millions of likes on Instagram because of this clever twist. But, nothing more is needed than a smart concept to pull off a shot like this. There is no need for a large budget to produce a touching shot, as seen by the massive amount of likes Instagram posts receive.

5. Get a Contest Started

How quickly can I increase my Instagram likes? Producing a competition. Envision a delicious cake served with a refreshing pomegranate limeade. The photos would be sure to whet your appetite. Now, let’s say that the Instagram caption for the photo promises that if you follow the page, tag a friend, and share the post, you, too, will be entered to win the cake and drink. If you found yourself salivating as much as I did when viewing this image (omg, tasty!), you’d probably not only like the post (just to be safe) but also comply with the instructions provided there. Unsurprisingly, the post received more than 25,000 likes, demonstrating the efficacy of this method for boosting Instagram popularity.

6. Motivate Your Listeners

If you have a business account on Instagram, purchasing cheap comments is an intelligent move to increase your interaction. As a highly skilled assistant specializing in digital marketing, I understand the importance of having a strong online presence. However, it’s also important to prioritize your health and fitness goals amidst the chaos of daily life. Instagram has become a hub for health and fitness enthusiasts, allowing for progress tracking and recipe sharing. Don’t let a busy schedule deter you from prioritizing your well-being. 

Luckily, Gymshark and other firms often offer motivational fitness tales and imagery to assist their clients stay on track. Consider this: this Instagram post has received over 161,000 likes. A man who has lost a leg is shown in the video working out at the gym while wearing a prosthetic limb. Nonetheless, he realized he needed to set an example for others around him. Look at the feedback as well; many were impressed by his resilience. Doesn’t that merit an insane amount of Instagram likes? Indeed, that’s what we’ve come to believe.

7. Spill The Beans

Very few Instagram accounts do a better job of telling tales than @humansofny. In each of their posts, you’ll learn more about a different New Yorker through their photos and biographies (and sometimes around the globe). In reality, though, the most interesting part of the image is the narrative that is included in the Instagram description. More than 308,000 people have liked this post on Instagram. What appears to be a joyful conclusion in the photo below turns out to be a hauntingly tragic one (feel free to follow the link above to find out what happens next – it’s too thought-provoking to skip). In the quest for Instagram likes, keep in mind that it’s not only the photo that matters. The title isn’t the only part of the post that catches your eye and makes you want to click “like” or “comment,” or even “follow,” the page. Always keep in mind that taking full use of all Instagram has to offer will provide the best results in terms of likes.

8. Incorporate the Latest Styles

Everybody is talking about how an egg went viral last week by becoming the most liked post on Instagram. Some folks, er, pugs, were not thrilled with this discovery. A snapshot of @itsdougthepug with the famed egg surfaced a few days ago, and the dog appeared to be having a rough time of it. When someone liked an egg more than his “cute face,” he said that they were “idiots.” Despite the fact that the post didn’t garner more likes than the egg, it still received over 314k likes, which is far from being an Instagram faux paw in our opinion. Instagram posts that address current events or popular culture tend to receive a lot of attention.

9. Do Your Research And Use Appropriate Hashtags

I said earlier in this piece that the most popular photo on Instagram was one that didn’t make use of any appropriate hashtags. You should also include pertinent hashtags in your posts. You may take my word for it; I’m not a hypocrite. Using pertinent hashtags usually does help you gain more likes on Instagram. Why? So random people on the internet will have an easier time discovering your work.


This post taught you some strategies for increasing your Instagram popularity. Getting more Instagram likes requires regular content updates, the use of trending hashtags, compelling narratives, and promotion beyond the app itself. Promotional tactics such as hosting a contest or writing a blog post about a trending subject matter are also viable options. Everyone has to begin somewhere. Nevertheless, if you put in the effort, are patient, and think outside the box, you may get more Instagram followers and likes than you could have ever dreamed. Don’t lose your cool, and keep up the excellent work.