June 6, 2023
How To Clear Instagram Cache On Iphone And Android

How To Clear Instagram Cache On Iphone And Android

In recent times Instagram has become the most powerful social media platform worldwide. The number of active users on Instagram is growing tremendously, and people spend more time using this application. Users get engaged on Instagram through posting photos, stories, IGTV, and reels and use Instagram DM to connect with their friends, families, and office colleagues.

Millions of photos, videos, stories, and reels are watched daily on Instagram, and those data are stored temporarily in the cache memory. This will act as a local memory box; thus, it stores all data you don’t want to re-download the data repeatedly. The primary function of cache is to create a friendly user experience, retrieve the data quickly, and maintain the device running efficiently.

Benefits Of Clearing Instagram Cache

The main goal of cache memory is to temporarily store the data and increase the device speed while entering an app or website. Similarly, the Instagram cache stores all the data of your activity, for example.,videos, photos, visiting other users’ accounts, saved posts, and your search activity. Sometimes the cache may reduce the device speed because of all local data, so you must clear the cache memory periodically.

How To Clear Instagram Cache On Iphone

The caches on your Instagram account slows down the performance. In recent days, many brands/startups use Instagram to create brand awareness and get more audience attention. As the usage of Instagram by brands is higher, there will be large temporary files stored. Removing the caches allows Instagramers to get more reach and impressions. Startups are thinking about how to get more Impressions on Instagram to get more reach and promote their products/services. The best way is to consider several factors including clearing caches to get more impressions, good content, quality videos, using hashtags, and engaging with the target audience.

The engaging tips below help you to clear caches on Instagram:

Rebooting The Device

The iPhone is entirely different from the Android. You cannot find any option to clear the cache on an iPhone like Android. It follows a unique way to clear the cache memory by automatic cache management technology, which automatically clears the cache by rebooting the device. It removes unwanted data and fixes minor bugs on each reboot.

You can reboot the iPhone by,

  1. Hold the power button
  2. Press the volume down button for a few seconds
  3. Click the “power off” option shown at the top of the screen
  4. After a few seconds, turn on your by pressing the power button.

Clear Instagram Cache On Ios By Deleting The App

iOs phones don’t have the option to clear the cache of a particular app if you are thinking about how to clear the Instagram cache on iOs. You need to uninstall the specific app from your device; yes, you heard right. Steps to remove the Instagram cache,

  1. Go to “setting” on your iPhone.
  2. Click on the “general settings” option.
  3. You can see “iPhone storage.”
  4.  From the “iPhone storage” option, find the “Instagram” app to uninstall
  5. Reinstall the app without any issues.

How to Clear Instagram Cache On Android

To clear the Instagram cache on Android devices will be much easier than on iPhones.

Follow the below steps to clear the cache on Instagram,

  1. Select the “settings” option on your device.
  2. In “settings,” find the “Apps” option.
  3. Select the “Instagram app.”
  4. You can see two options on the page, clear cache and clear data.
  5. Click the “clear cache” option.

It will clear all the temporary data stored in your device and increase its speed.

Easy Steps To Clear The Instagram Cache On Pc

  1. Go to www.instagram.com in your browser.
  2. Select the “Privacy and Security” option
  3. Choose the “View account data” option from the menu.
  4. Click the “Search history” menu
  5. Tap on the “View all” option
  6. Finally, click the “clear search history” option.

Most Asked Questions

Is It Essential To Clear The Instagram Cache On Ios And Android Devices?

No, it is not necessary to clear the Instagram cache memory as it only stores only the data of Instagram. Clearing the cache will speed up the device and provide the best user experience. It plays a vital role in storing and retrieving the data. If your device has less memory space, too much locally stored data may slow down your device’s speed. So, during that time, it is necessary to clear the cache memory on your device.

How To Clear The Instagram Cache Without Uninstalling The App?

Unlike Android, iOs devices need to uninstall the Instagram app to clear the cache memory. You can also “Reboot” your iPhone to clear the cache without uninstalling the app, but many iPhone users do not recommend this method.

Does Clearing The Instagram Cache Delete Everything?

Clearing cache will remove only the local data derived from the Instagram application and will not affect your photos, documents, and videos in the local storage of your mobile phone. The Instagram cache cannot access clear data on your phone’s storage.


To experience the excellent user interface of Instagram without any trouble, clear the Instagram cache memory regularly. Follow the above steps to clear the Instagram cache on different devices. However, clearing the Instagram cache does not guarantee that it will increase your device speed. It also depends on your device’s memory space, RAM, and other specs.